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The December 2018 issue of TearSheet PDX is available, free to view in a browser or download as a PDF file. Hard copies are available at printing cost ($9) + shipping.

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The November 2018 issue is still available, either via web viewer or as a downloaded PDF (free), or as a freshly-printed hard copy (at printing + shipping costs).

About TearSheet PDX

Our aim is to offer a supportive, curated publishing outlet, for all artists inspired to create beauty, art, and style in fashion. We are based in Portland, OR.

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We welcome your feedback about our magazine. We invite collaborations with fashion designers, hair and makeup artists, models, photographers, and other members of the fashion community.

Submission Guide

We appreciate your interest in our new magazine, TearSheet PDX. We are happy to offer this free opportunity for fellow artists. We do not charge for reviewing images, or giving feedback. Unfortunately, neither do we pay for images.

We will generally notify you within a week whether your submission is accepted. If it is not, we will reply to you with a statement as to why your images weren’t accepted, to help you for future submissions.

We require images to be:

    - JPEG file format, with the highest image quality and no visible compression artifacts.

    - 8.50 inches wide by 11.00 inches high

    - 300 dpi resolution

    - 2550 pixels wide by 3300 pixels high

    - color space: sRGB IEC61966-2.1

    - preferred pixel depth: 16 bits (16-bit JPEG files are sometimes called "JPEG 2000" files, though the Windows file extension is still ".jpg")

If you have any questions or concerns about meeting these requirements, please us.

Please submit two or more images. An even number of images is best.

If you believe you have a worthy cover image, by all means, please send it on. Please know that it will be more difficult to get a cover image published.

Please submit your complete contact and social media information: name, addrress, email, phone, website, Instagram page, Facebook page, etc.

Complete credits for clothing and accessory designers, models and modeling agencies, makeup and hair artists, and photographers are required.

If we accept your images, we will ask for a signed photography release (download PDF file here)..

If you are not the photographer, we also ask that you supply us with a signed release from the photographer, and the photographer's contact information, or equivant proof that you own the copyright to the images.

Right now, we don’t require submissions to be in any particular theme. Later, we will specify a theme for each publication.

We focus on beauty and fashion. Submissions can be edgy or Avant Garde or any other form of fashion. We do not publish nudity or implied nudity.

Images must not have been previously been published or posted elsewhere.

Accepted images can be posted on the internet immediately after the issue is published, but NOT before. Images that have been accepted, but which are found to have been posted before publication, may be withdrawn.

The reasons for an image being declined may be: quality of lighting, quality of makeup and hair, quality of models, images haven’t been retouched or retouched well, or images that don’t fit into that month’s magazine.

We may accept one or more of your images and decline one or more.

Each image of a particular model should have a different look, meaning different clothing and/or makeup and hair. Usually, only one image of a given look will be accepted.

To submit images, upload the files in a folder on a cloud service such as Dropbox.com, and share the folder to our .