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The August 2020 issue of TearSheet PDX is available!

This issue has two different outside covers on each copy, with no front or back. Some of the inner pages are right side up with respect to each cover. You can preview or purchase a copy online (through the print-on-demand service Magcloud) by clicking on the cover images above. Free digital editions are also available to download. The MagCloud button below will open this issue directly in the MagCloud web viewer.

Issue #16 - March 2020

The TearSheet PDX
First Annual Retrospective

156 page hard cover coffee table book

all the "best of" images from November 2018 through December 2019

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Submission Guidelines

Wherever you are in the world, we'd love you to share your unpublished fashion and beauty photos with us.

All About TearSheet PDX

Our aim is to offer a supportive, curated publishing outlet, for all artists inspired to create beauty, art, and style in fashion. We hope that collaborating with us creates value for everyone who participates. We appreciate your interest, and welcome your feedback. We always seek to engage in fair trade. We invite collaborations with fashion designers, hair and makeup artists, models, photographers, boutiques, makers, distributors, and other members of the fashion community. We are based in Portland, OR, USA.

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We do not yet offer a subscription service, though we'd like to. If you think you might be interested in a subscription someday, please   us. We'll add your name to the list of potential customers.

In general, we neither charge for nor pay for reviewing images and other content, for giving feedback, or for photography, makeup, hair design, styling, organizing shoots, or other activities performed in pursuit of publishing the magazine. At our present stage of development, we have adopted a "stone soup" business model, where we aim for an end product that is more valuable than the sum of the individual parts. We hope our contributors and collaborators will always view the publication as fair trade for their efforts at producing content.

We welcome inquiries about advertisements. In exchange for full page advertisements, we generally ask for $250, which helps to defray a small fraction of the operating costs of the magazine.

Printed copies of most issues can be purchased online through MagCloud.com, printed on demand and shipped directly to the customer. The process takes about a week, varying with the method of shipping you select. When you visit the MagCloud web site to place an order, you will have the opportunity to preview the magazine, at no cost, before you purchase. After you click the "Buy Print" button, you will automatically be offered the digital version (in PDF file format) at no additional charge. (If you prefer to download the free digital version only, choose the "Buy Digital" or "Add to Digital Library" button.)
We enthusiastically encourage you to purchase the printed version of our magazine. We invest significant time, effort, and money in publishing the magazine every month, and we really do appreciate your support! The paper quality is excellent. They look great on a coffee table and, with a little care, will last a lifetime.
We are conscious that print-on-demand publications are significantly more costly than traditional offset-printed publications. We have identified an alternate printing service that can supply larger quantities at lower cost, and could engage fulfillment services, given sufficient demand.

We distribute individual copies of our hardcover Annual Retrospective directly to our readers. Customers in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia can purchase it directly through IngramSpark.

We pre-purchase a few copies of each issue for distribution through select local retail establishments, such as Rich's Cigars, a pair of magazine stores in downtown Portland. We'd be delighted to offer our magazine through even more local retail outlets. If you're interested in selling our magazine in your store, please   us.

We welcome inquiries regarding submitting articles. We are interested in publishing articles relevant to fashion, beauty, design, and the arts. This may include biographical articles or interviews with people who are active in these areas. Articles should be discussed with us before submission. Articles can be submitted either as Adobe InDesign files or as Microsoft Word files, together with any included images in JPG file format. Text other than the title will be printed in the Century Gothic typeface, usually in 10 point font size. Article text and images are subject to editing, re-sizing, and re-formatting.

Terms and Conditions

Permission to Publish
If you submit images or other content to us, we understand that you thereby grant us an unlimited, non-exclusive license to share and publish the content. We understand that you agree to hold us harmless in any dispute that arises from our publication of the content you submit. If you submit any content, we understand this as an implied claim that you have the legal right to do so, either because you have created it yourself, or because you have been granted suitable rights (in writing) by the creator.
If you are the creator of the content you submit, we ask that you give us written permission. In particular, if you are a photographer submitting images that you have created yourself, we ask for a signed copy of our photographer release form (which can be downloaded as a PDF file, see below.)
If you are not the creator, we expect that you will inform us of this fact, and provide suitable documented evidence of your right to submit the content for publication. In particular, if you are not the photographer that created the images, we ask that you supply us with a release signed by the photographer, with the photographer's contact information, or equivalent proof that you have the right to grant us an unlimited, non-exclusive license to publish the images.
In addition, we understand that you claim that all models that appear in any images have given their written consent to be photographed for publication, and were either legal adults at the time, or appeared with the express written consent of their parents or legal guardians. If you do not already have the model's written consent, we ask that you document their consent on our model release form (which can be downloaded as a PDF file, see below.)
If you have questions or would like to negotiate some other arrangement, please let us know. Otherwise, the terms expressed here, and on the release forms as published here, may not be altered or amended, except by a separate written contract, which we must have agreed to explicitly for that purpose.
In the event that a submission is not accompanied by the required release documentation, we will almost certainly not accept the content. Nonetheless, even if we do accept a submission without proper release or copyright documentation, these terms will still apply.

Release Forms
TearSheet PDX Photographer Release Form
Tearsheet PDX Model Release Form
A scanned PDF file of a signed form to us is acceptable.

Pre-Publication Exclusivity
Once we have informed you that we have accepted images or other content for publication, we expect the content will not be shared or published elsewhere until AFTER we have published it ourselves. For obvious reasons, we prefer to publish images and other content that have not been previously seen by the public. In addition, posting, sharing,or publication of closely related images from a photo shoot (or other related content) is also an issue that should be discussed with us in advance. We may be willing to make exceptions for content that has seen limited exposure and/or has outstanding merit, provided that we discuss this with you and agree to it in advance. If we discover that the content has been posted, shared or published elsewhere, prior to publication and without our knowledge, we may choose to withdraw the content from the printed magazine and related electronic media. That said, any images or other content that we accept for publication may be posted, shared, or published on electronic social media immediately after the relevant TearSheet PDX issue is published. We enthusiastically encourage and sincerely appreciate your efforts in posting, sharing and re-publishing our content any time after the initial publication date. We ask only that proper credit is given to TearSheet PDX and, as far as practical, all artists who contributed to the production of an image. Please note that permitting re-distribution of the content via electronic social media or for other promotional purposes does not imply that we have given up any copyrights we may have, and we may withdraw this general permission at any time, at our sole discretion.

Other Details

We will generally notify you within a week whether your submission is accepted. If it is not, we will reply to you with a statement as to why your images were not accepted.

Please submit your complete contact and social media information: name, address, email, phone, website, Instagram page, Facebook page, etc.

We ask that you supply credits for clothing and accessory designers or retail outlets, models and modeling agencies, makeup and hair artists, stylists, photographers, and other contributors. We ask for Facebook and Instagram social media handles, web sites, or equivalent information.

In general, we don’t ask that submissions fit any particular theme.

As we have a focus on fashion, style, and design, we are primarily interested in images of people that involve clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. We sincerely believe that all forms of art have their place in the world, and we acknowledge that beauty takes many forms. However, in consideration of the varying sensitivities of our readership, we are cautious about publishing images that contain nudity or implied nudity. We might consider a truly outstanding image showing more than the usual amount of skin, if it was in excellent taste.

We do not like to decline any submission. When we do, the reasons are many and varied. Sometimes an image does not fit well with other content. Sometimes we get too many good submissions at one time, and simply do not have enough space to fit all of them without making the magazine prohibitively lengthy and expensive. Sometimes our editorial board decides that an image does not meet their aesthetic standards. Quality, technical, or artistic issues may include photography, lighting, makeup and hair artistry, models, or retouching. Try though we may, we sometimes can't perfectly articulate the reasons for rejecting a particular work. Please don't take a rejection personally, and please don't give up! Please keep in mind that less than one in a hundred of the images we create ourselves are ever published.

We may accept some of your images or other content, and decline some. Again, it's nothing personal, it's just part of the editorial process.

We do publish some editorial stories. However, in general, each image of a particular model should have a different look, meaning different clothing and/or makeup and hair. If multiple images of one look are submitted, we may decide to publish only one of them. Feel free to discuss your intentions with us in advance.

Full-sized uncompressed images are large, so more than a few won't fit in a single email message. To submit more than a few images, please upload the files to a cloud sharing service, such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Please share them via a link to our . To save time, we prefer to review only full resolution, completely finished images. Our print-on-demand publication cycle is only about four weeks, not the several months typical for large-scale monthly or quarterly publications that depend on traditional offset printing methods, so the amount of time we have to spend on negotiating submissions is limited.

If you have any questions or concerns, please us.